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Founder's Story

From Vietnam to Sweden and back

It all started seven years ago when I was back in Vietnam looking for my biological mother. Thanks to a viral Facebook post shared by hundreds of thousands of strangers I was finally reunited with my biological mother after only 18 days.

“This makes me think about the importance of connections. I want to repay the Vietnamese people who have helped me unconditionally.”

This is how the spark of Fika was lit. The idea was to create a safe social and dating app that focused on connecting people most suitable for each other with the help of AI.

Denise Sandquist
CEO of Fika
CEO of Fika
The Fika Journey
The idea of Fika was born when Founder Denise Sandquist found her biological mother. The idea was to connect people with the help of AI.
Fika starts to take shape! With boostrapped money, Fika launches the MVP and goes on raising $1.6M in a pre-seed round with top investors globally.
Less than one year after launch, Fika reaches 1M downloads, with the targeting audience Gen Z
Fika develops the revolutionary feature AI Find that lets people connect based on personality traits and looks, thanks to millions of data points.
Fika launches as a Social Connection App targeting older Gen Zs & Millennials in Hong Kong & Southeast Asia, implementing a strict vetting process to ensure 100% real, quality profiles only.

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