Fika’s Love Story #1

Genuine people will meet each other ??

We got to know each other through a dating app I was recommended by a friend called Fika. I've heard many other stories of getting to know your partner through a dating app, and what I feel special about mine was that he left a very good first impression on me. Nowadays, the fact that you're not being asked for a hook-up on a dating app is a refreshing experience to me?

At first, it was fun, but I didn't consider it to be a relationship. We were talking about random things for a week, then we decided to meet. I remember that on our first date, he told me that I was much prettier in real life, so he got really nervous. He sometimes even thought that "I was out of his league". But he risked and asked me out for another date, to which I said yes! Long story short, we've loved each other until now, and Valentine 2021 was our first Valentine together.

Fika hopes that this story will make you more confident in love through dating apps. Keep your head up, one day love will find you!

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