Fika’s Love Story #6: A Longtime Friendship

"My relationship with her became one side venting, the other listening, helpless" - Those are the touching words from a friendship story that Fika received. ?

"I have a very close friend. We've been together since middle school, and it's been more than 8 years now. She's a kind, funny person, has a passion for art and draws very well.

However, many things around you are not as beautiful as you picture them.

She was under a lot of pressure from her family, especially her mother, who placed importance on her family's reputation and how people think of her family. Therefore, she often lived in anxiety, afraid of becoming a disappointment to her family. Negative thoughts flooded her mind. Every time her mother scolded her, she texted me that she didn't know what to do anymore and wanted to escape reality.

Perhaps living in an emotionally unavailable home also made it difficult for her to express her feelings to others. Sometimes I also wanted to share my feelings, but her reaction to my stories makes me uncomfortable. I felt judged even though I tried to push the thought away. My relationship with her became one side venting, the other listening, helpless.

After graduating from high school, we moved to different cities with new stories and relationships. Video calls and text messages became less frequent. One time she went to the city I lived in to hang out with her family, and we went out. In the past, we could talk a lot, and the conversation seemed endless. But now we don't know where to start. Everything just fell apart, just repeating old stories that we all knew.

I don't know what you think, but I feel sorry for a longtime friendship that has cooled and is about to disappear. Although I understand that people change, everyone has to grow up, and sometimes growing up means leaving each other, I still feel sorry for what we went through. But perhaps, there will come a time when I have to accept those losses as part of growing up."

With Fika, friendship or love always takes time to understand & effort to bond from both sides.

✨ A story always has two sides. Fika hopes that this story will make you sympathize and have more faith in friendship and love!

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Longtime Best Friends

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