Fika’s Love Story #5: Chau Anh and Hung

Fika's 5th couple ??
The story of Chau Anh and Hung below is an example of when a female friend initiates the relationship.

The two friends met for the first time at the English center. After studying together, Chau Anh had a "crush" on her friend - Hung and determined to get him. After flirting in many different ways, Chau Anh thought that Hung did not like her because he did not respond and show his emotions. However, Chau Anh still cared and had feelings for Hung, and they still went to school together. Even when Hung went through some difficulties, as "just friends", Chau Anh was still by his side to help. That made Hung fell in love with Chau Anh, and they are officially together now. Chau Anh even boldly announced to the whole class that they were a couple in a slip of the tongue due to being "drunk". ?

✨ With Fika, love requires initiative and perseverance. We encourage you to express feelings boldly, care genuinely, and support others with everything you can. That other person will feel it more or less.

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Chau Anh and Hung

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