Fika’s Love Story #4 (#PrideMonth2021 edition)

I am LGBT. I'm a "love addict" - Those are the impressive opening lines of the story sent to Fika by a friend this Pride Month. ️‍?️‍?

I am LGBT. I am a "love addict". “Love addiction” is a problem where a person always seeks emotional dependence and self-worth in another person (codependent). My love affair with a girl named "L" made me realize how serious I have this syndrome and the experience of change so that I am still a love addict - but in a better version.

In love, overcoming disagreements to understand each other is already difficult. For LGBTQ+ people who carry many burdens is even more difficult. I have not "come out" with my family, always living a closed life and living for others. Of course, I didn't introduce L to my family, couldn't easily kiss a same-sex lover when I wanted to, and even an intimate hug in public was something taboo.

Going through a love affair, I also learned a lot of lessons for myself. I am still a love addict, shy in love, but instead of blindly letting others dictate my worth, I learned to love and make myself happy first. That happiness comes from cutting my own hair and wearing clothes that make me feel most comfortable. Come out or not is no longer important. I can boldly hold the hand of the person I love in public instead of being afraid of other people's opinions or social prejudices.

Changing to live a better and more complete version of myself has now become what makes me happiest. And when I'm happy, the people around me feel the same way.

✨ Love will conquer all - love between people despite all prejudices, and even love for yourself - accepting positive changes to love yourself fully. This is also the spirit that we want to share with all of Fika's friends! ?

Let's join Fika, friends! ?

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