Fika’s Love Story #3: Han and Reece

? Is the love of couples who know each other "online" different from that of couples who meet in real life? Let's tune in to the story of Han & Reece about love!

"We knew each other through a dating app. I was bored and decided to text Reece to ask him out. At that time, his friend had canceled the date before, so he agreed to go with me and we went to a near park. In our first date, we just talked and it felt so comfortable and amazing that we instantly clicked. Reece and I became a "park" couple, but after a while of knowing each other, we noticed that there are some cultural differences. We understand that couples have problems, and what we need to do is to solve them together with a lot of communication and love. "

✨ Fika believes that love always takes time and effort from both sides to understand. We want to encourage everyone to take on challenges when it comes to love, in order to make real and meaningful connections.

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Han & Reece

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