Fika’s Love Story #2: Son and Quynh

"We first met when I was a tattoo client and he was my tattoo artist. I was acting pretty awkwardly (I had a boyfriend at that time) so even though he looked good, I didn't even bother asking him for any contact. I found out that he was curious about me (because every female customer, who has come to get a tattoo, adds him on Facebook), and he was the one end up asking for my Facebook. I gave it to him, but we didn't say anything for quite a while.

After that, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend so I wasn't happy at all. I posted some photos of me smoking on Facebook Story, and he "slid into my DM". He just texted me one simple line that I still remembered to this day:  "Hey sister, don't smoke" ?
Since then, we have talked more and more every day. Finally, we're a couple now, and we've been together for 2 years."

The story is shared by Son and Quynh. Fika hopes that this story will make you have more faith in love!

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