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How to Spot the Red Flags

Jun 20 2022

Even though he has a perfect profile, observing how they interact and communicate both online and offline can indicate the opposite. 

Here are some red flags:

You always need to book to date

This is the true story about a close friend of Fika. She was dating a wonderful and perfect guy. He was the CEO of a large company with a brilliant career. He loved her and always showed up at every New Year's Eve celebration with her family. So, there were no reasons for her to suspect he was married. That's right; he had a wife! There was a red flag she had been ignoring in their two years of dating: this guy never met her unplanned, nothing was spontaneous, and she had to make appointments to see him every time.

A person can be extremely busy; however, if they can’t make any exceptions or be spontaneous during the dating period, it is a sign that you need to be concerned. Maybe they’re not married like the guy above, but are you sure you want to go further with a “book-an-appointment” partner.



“Not looking for drama”

Many claim this as their dating “slogan”. It sounds "righteous," but Nicole Gallucci, a reporter at Mashable, conducted a poll on her page and discovered that this is one of the first red flags showing that this person could be a… “Drama King/Queen”! Even if it's not them who actively makes "dramas," their lifestyle and problem-solving mindset have created certain dramas.

Also, when they announce it before dating a person, it's almost like the way they place all the blame on one side and pretends to be "innocent" but it's clear it takes two to tango, right?

Often show off…their bodies 

Some guys are very secretive on their dating app profiles, where they don't show off their bodies. But their IG or other personal channels are full of topless pictures displaying their figure. It's okay if only 1 photo is topless, but if ten images are all topless, skip. This is one of the most evident signs of his narcissism and his overestimation of his comfort.

“Don’t know why I’m using a dating app”

If you don't know, how can I? Any that has this statement is skippable. 

“I have houses and cars”

Sorry, so do I! Well, if they pretend to ride a cheap motorbike to test you and then tell you the "grand truth," you should run faster. Don't believe the "I just test you first and then I will give you all" line; this only shows a sign of "casual, disrespectful" manners towards you and a lack of confidence in their situation management.

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