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How to Not be Ghosted after The First Date

May 31 2022

If you’re lucky to land one, the second date is more important than the first! Anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher said, “After doing research, we were surprised to learn that a second date meant a lot more than we thought. That's when you start to learn about your shared interests, ideas, and goals - all the things that can bring you together for a longer time." 

Let's level up with Fika for a second date:

Do not rush to share

We all agree that it's your right to post whatever you want on your private social network, but your date may not feel comfortable about sharing their privacy so soon.

Do not limit your chances

If the first date went well, most girls hope the other person would make contact the next day. However, the truth is that many relationships that don't "spark" at the beginning have good results later on, and conversely, could the guy who texted you crazily after the first date be your true love? Fika users shared that busy schedules can cause a day or two before contacting the other person after the first day. So, if you like them, don't be afraid to take the initiative to text first.



Set aside prejudices

If you’re unsure how the date went because you couldn’t read the other person’s body language but are still interested, try to put aside the doubts and give that person and yourself another chance.

Follow-up date

Asking for advice related to what they shared on the first date is a good practice. If he mentions that he's a "movie nerd," text him asking if there's a movie you should watch. If she calls herself a “sushi lover," text her and ask her which sushi restaurant is good and offer to take her there. This also shows that you care about their interests.

Fulfill your promise on the first date: If you promised to recommend a book, now is the time to do it.

Give them the right to decide

It's courageous of you to do the "poll" and ask them to meet you a second time, but if they say they are "a bit busy," believe it and let them take the next initiative or move on. 

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