You want to delete your Fika account?
Here is how

If you haven’t tried Fika app yet, give it a try by clicking in the button below

Log in to Fika app

To deactivate or delete your account, you need to first log into the Fika app

Go into Account Setting

Go to setting screen -> Account Settings

Deactivate or delete your account

You will have 2 options: Deactivate or pause your account

  • By pausing your account you’ll not be seen on Discovery, Secret Box and people will not be able to chat with you. Your matches will be temporarily unmatched until you return.
  • By deleting your account, you’ll lose all your history, matches and chats. This action is permanent and non-reversible and something Fika doesn’t recommend unless you’re absolutely sure.
Choose a reason

Please help us improve Fika by letting us know why you’re pausing your account.

You can always come back!

If you wish to use Fika again, you can sign up to a new account or reactivate your old deactivated account. All newly-activated accounts must be verified again for the safety of our community.

Tải ứng dụng

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